8 Handmade Sweet Treats for Your Valentine

The day of romance, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love! Apart from presenting your loved one with flowers or gifts, perhaps these handmade sweet treats will make them appreciate you even more!

These small little chocolatey treats that's super addictive will look super cute in a nice gift box! Pack the extras separately so you can indulge in some too!

Classic cupcakes that are sweet and moist! Decorate it with little heart shape sprinkles to express your love!

Strawberries are referred to as the fruit of love so there's no better ingredient to use in your sweet treat. Tie a little love note to the jar to add a special touch!

Simple and easy to make! These truffles require no baking! Couple these with other flavored truffles to add some color!

Peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination! Use this treat to let your Valentine know that they are the right one for you!

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine's Day! So double up the chocolate with this chocolate tart with a citrusy dark chocolate filling!

If you're not a confident baker, then these cookies are perfect for you! They are simple enough to bake and they still look great! A bonus if your partner loves earl grey tea!

If your Valentine doesn't really have a sweet tooth, these muffins would suit their tastebuds! Made with carrots and pumpkin, you can't exactly say that it's an unhealthy snack, can you?